How to setup your custom domain for your forum

How to setup your custom domain for your forum

This is how you can setup your custom domain to work for mSadForums in minutes.

  1. Sign into your domain host
  2. Select the domain you want to use with mSadForums.
  3. Head over to the DNS zone/settings or anything around those terms.
  4. You want to add two records

    1. Host @ will be a URL redirect that will be have a value of http://www.{yourdomain}.com
    2. Host www will be a CNAME that will have a value of

  5. This will make redirect to which will point to mSadForums
  6. Add to your forums domain section in the admin panel.

Please do not use cloudflare as your DNS resolver, mSadForums already uses cloudflare for protection.

P.S - Do not add http:// to the CNAME record.

Watch the video example here

Give your modifications some time to sync with the world wide web, it can take 24-48 hours, but usually only takes a few hours.

Also if you still have issues with it after, try running "ipconfig /flushdns" in your command prompt on your computer.